Pile rechargeable, batterie - Panasonic - HHR-4MVE/2BD
  • Pile rechargeable, batterie - Panasonic - HHR-4MVE/2BD
  • PANASONIC Blister de 2 Piles Rechargeable DECT AAA (Micro)/HR03 750 mAh 1,2V


    (3.25€ HT)

    Panasonic - Recharge Accu Power
    DECT Accu Ni-MH Micro 1,2V 750mAh The alternative solution to a conventional NiCd cells
    for cordless phones. A harmless commutation of the
    existing NiCd cells is possible due to the special
    construction of the cell.
    Resistant against continious charging (when the
    cordless-phone lies on the charging base.

    - resistant againgst continious charging
    - ideal energy source for freqently used devices
    - extremely good price-performance-ratio
    - enviromentally friendly through to 1000 chargings

    particularly suitable for
    DECT cordless phones
    Type de produit : Pile rechargeable, batterie
    Référence Stock-Bureau : WTC-62298
    Marque : Panasonic
    Référence fabricant : HHR-4MVE/2BD
    Format : AAA